• You don't have to post it to prove it
  • Feeling Koonsy https://t.co/zEBG8tkzck
  • You can't help who you are https://t.co/o3nydeVxJF
  • This, this music makes me cry It sounds just like my soul, oh https://t.co/FKENJwD31d
  • Yesterday I said I'm done I swung back just like a pendulum https://t.co/0dlY0gNVyt
  • Like a creature you set free I'll grow back to you eventually https://t.co/E24MFbjeoD
  • Back to my own door https://t.co/aldiI7N6CR
  • Made a promise Made a pact With my fingers crossed Behind my back https://t.co/4Dpkt50b4B
  • @frootgarden I did two bops to Marina because I owed you them! Hope you like them haha. (They're at the end) https://t.co/LtlI03IeQT
  • @frootgarden Ok, so now it’s BOPPING time for real, come dance with and tell us what to dance to!! I want u to be happy :) @grinszs
  • @TaaanMariana @CorzoAna mientras no regrese con el que lo engañó al final de la película...
  • @grinszs Who is that?
  • @frootgarden Heck yeah! I’m here to take that crown! Yes, loved it!! Specially the intro. I was, as Charli sings, like: *GASP*
  • Ya Bitch I'm here to take that crown
  • @nightmxme It doesn’t turn back on!! Haha. And people were starting to come in for…an emergency blanket? lol
  • @nightmxme My PHONE BATTERY DIED!!! D:
  • @grinszs @nightmxme I’m gonna be bopping/chatting if you guizzee wanna come/are still awake :)
  • @nightmxme @grinszs you're not alone on that one, trust me!
  • @grinszs @nightmxme SELLING DEM BOPS TO MAKE DEM COINS!!!! HAAA
  • @grinszs @nightmxme DAAAAMNNN GURLLL! She should’ve sung it! It’s SO her! (Wonder why she didn’t) I MEANCOMEON haha