• There are no words to describe this day. This is how it's supposed to be!
  • Sober https://t.co/6oFevDijtT
  • Postcards don't lie, these sunsets are real https://t.co/G35wcfNxnN
  • When I say I live in a mansion and people don't believe me. https://t.co/PdMsUi5CoF
  • Just another Sunday in LA https://t.co/yYfXfaqsh7
  • Adventure https://t.co/fIrYhzKpK1
  • Just posted a photo https://t.co/WlSHNDmK8n
  • No more 🔵 https://t.co/vj3vwP4U24
  • Trapped tho https://t.co/9SlxLoGhFQ
  • You plucked my heart seams All my bubble dreams Bubble dreams https://t.co/kdz1bG6RAx
  • Sometimes I remember the future And it makes me cry
  • Two sides, one fight and a million eyes Hey, hey, hey Força, força come and sing with me
  • 🌴🌊🌴 https://t.co/LoAieXyWQH
  • Better than DEM girls!
  • Tapping into Electra’s Heart
  • No path ever reveals its true horizon. https://t.co/IIIy1Sdfsl
  • Give me love Give me dreams Give me a good self-esteem https://t.co/N2iVuD9vri
  • I pretend not to see them Instead, I pour the milk
  • 🌊 https://t.co/cYogt8clfy
  • You’re basically missing out on everything I’m doing if you don’t have me on Snapchat. 😜 @zeonzx