• I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heart https://t.co/8uiggJCFqt
  • Maybe we're just meant to meet endlessly. https://t.co/Vhk4JRwgST
  • Recording in progress https://t.co/azh840uTMW
  • Calling https://t.co/FOcY0ou1HH
  • Get on your knees https://t.co/tAaydx7otp
  • Grimes: now known as: How to slay a music video with a Cellphone Camera <3 @Grimezsz
  • Sleepless nights https://t.co/chRZ452S22
  • Eye see you 🔵 https://t.co/ewb3FjpcZx
  • Got an appetite⁰A yearning to be free https://t.co/KjB7ioMf70
  • You make me not wanna die https://t.co/KFfpFSBXNh
  • No angel is too good to fall from grace If she lets go of whatever keeps her holy
  • I drew the smile upon my face I paved the road that would one leave me lonely
  • Is this written…? ANGELS DIE
  • Edited @iconforhire's "Under The Knife" lyric video and it's out now!! Check it out here:… https://t.co/G2hXOG1APX
  • I feel it FADE fade f a d e f a d e https://t.co/hpZMEsJ44Q
  • LOVING these Allie+George vibes. So vibrant + powerful lyrics and melody! “That’s So Us”–such a friendship anthem! @alliex @LelandOfficial
  • I can't get enough of you I'm falling into this– https://t.co/xUDQo9ulSE
  • It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love It was a perfect illusion
  • I love you almost everyday