• [Gasps in Spanish] https://t.co/WLHei8AMH0
  • I might never get enough from Never Enough, but my copy from iTunes definitely eases up my Xsistence. @alliex
  • What colorful Ah-ah-ah-ah-I'm fixin to thrill! @dragonette Thanks for the amazing show! ❤️ https://t.co/bt1sY7tX0M
  • Live in Mexico, you tour there. I live in LA, you tour here. I ❤️ you guys. Can't wait to see you live again! Best show always! @dragonette
  • It's official. Mextilo is having its release in Paris during ASVOFF 8 at Centre Pompidou. HOLY… https://t.co/zmxMVoRbVQ
  • If I win the race, will I get the price? Will I see your face when I close my eyes? https://t.co/SujzyaCIwL
  • Are we getting physical Don’t touch me, I’m invisible
  • I saw the light in you https://t.co/ESufXnqS3v
  • Baby, believe me⁰And you had every chance⁰You destroy everything you love⁰(Uncontrollable)⁰If you… https://t.co/Ta4zgEOlUr
  • Let’s Do It Again.
  • Bothering strangers #happyhalloween https://t.co/QisE2HXgj8
  • #AY #HappyHalloween https://t.co/NVWQXtMbXU
  • Secrets live in the dark But they die in the light
  • I found solace in the strangest place Way in the back of my mind I saw my life in a stranger's face And it was mine
  • We had to. https://t.co/Lkz0urKyLb
  • I I I I I I keep on hoping we’ll eat Cake by the ocean-UH
  • Oh baby, don’t be so unkind The beat must never be denied
  • The thing you did–Do It Again–
  • Livin' La Dolce Vita Life couldn't get much sweeter https://t.co/SBk6OH6W5K