• Work hard in silence Let success make the noise
  • No money is worth your happiness.
  • Try and hear me then I’m done ‘Cause I might just say it once Seen this played out in my dream
  • Nothing is as fun As the run and gun
  • Freedom in transformation. Be anything.
  • 🆙 http://t.co/XM0mpJ5joP
  • The more rules you break The better you are at improvising
  • Everyone’s showing off their jumps Just wait a bit–I’ll be flying
  • Working with devoted people is always a delight. Thanks for this opportunity. :)
  • ✨Happening.✨
  • I've been working Everyday I've been working All night and day 🎇🎆 http://t.co/GlGcekIItN
  • The best plot twist in life is the one you create yourself.
  • @Gdguapo Buena foto de perfil! :)
  • @covamaac AKA King “Boi”
  • I like the idea if nostalgia bringing us wisdom when we're traveling forward.
  • Look it up. ☕️ http://t.co/2UYkzqEG1B
  • @daveybadiuk Hey! I read you got a US Visa. Are you traveling there anytime soon? I think I might end up meeting you there! Haha
  • U2 just iBeyonced their new album.
  • I don't wanna go to school, I just wanna #breaktherules @charli_xcx http://t.co/mgSkxFMR7U
  • @charli_xcx I just wanna #breaktherules and go backstage with you! Already waiting in line!! I want that guest spot!