• @IAAExchange Great. Thanks for the info!
  • @IAAExchange Plus I can’t contact you through the contact section. :/ Could you help me out? Thanks. :)
  • @IAAExchange @ the online application form for J-1 Intern Visa: who is the “Representative”? Don’t know what to fill in.
  • And I did what any girl would do: I did it all over again.
  • 13:24.27.RiMP
  • @charli_xcx Break The Rules S-L-A-Y-S!!!!!!! <33333
  • I only wanna die alive Never by the hands of a broken heart
  • I will let this monument Represent a moment of my Life Life Life Of my life
  • Make a cast Of my body Pull back out, So that I can see Let go of How you knew me Let go of What I used to be http://t.co/u2JvYR0Af8
  • @FRUITIONLV Really missing your amazing quotes. :'(
  • You’re meant for something bigger. Hold tight and fight hard.
  • @Nina_Asakura 分かりません。:O
  • 2 years. Not just a tan that you'll never lose.
  • Rather live life on the Edge Than not living it at all.
  • Best way to end this Friday.