• Is this written…? ANGELS DIE
  • Edited @iconforhire's "Under The Knife" lyric video and it's out now!! Check it out here:… https://t.co/G2hXOG1APX
  • I feel it FADE fade f a d e f a d e https://t.co/hpZMEsJ44Q
  • LOVING these Allie+George vibes. So vibrant + powerful lyrics and melody! “That’s So Us”–such a friendship anthem! @alliex @LelandOfficial
  • I can't get enough of you I'm falling into this– https://t.co/xUDQo9ulSE
  • It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love It was a perfect illusion
  • I love you almost everyday
  • This is the world we’re living in. Beautiful. Horrible. True. Human. Masterful, The Greatest https://t.co/njGpdo3jG1 https://t.co/OMPoh4ibjJ
  • The GREATEST https://t.co/XObyWldJjx
  • Feeling the reminisce Gone in an instance Blink of an eye No goodbye I had a notion Deep as the… https://t.co/DNurT9BUYD
  • I can follow all your commands But there will be no talk of adding you to my plan I'll keep you… https://t.co/yrkS8shVYA
  • Let me Cover your Shit in glitter I can make it Gold https://t.co/2NTTHcHmtd
  • You're a heavenly creature With a real dark agenda You can turn a believer Into a damn dirty sinner https://t.co/mqoLZGsSlA
  • One Hail Mary for the hole in my heart I'm outside waiting for your love on the boulevard https://t.co/VYvHl1dKsb
  • X Your Self https://t.co/Uq32AFwaGF
  • X Self https://t.co/Uq32AFwaGF
  • Very excited to see some of my shots in the new @iamjojo ft. @wizkhalifa "Fuck Apologies" music… https://t.co/tPq9FcMWAU
  • You’re the one I wanna change, I wanna correct my brain
  • Avoiding the boy(d) https://t.co/FcCWvzwlSi