• @Gdguapo @jorgeasalgado @covamaac Quétecuento! Me la quedé de rehén. Exijo un uniforme como rescate. Jajaja Es broma, si quieres te la paso!
  • The Chant of Identity
  • I love my team. 🙏
  • BIG NEWS! Mextilo: Memoria de la Moda Mexicana Premieres November 7th, 2014 on @asvoffmexico See you there!! http://t.co/3fPnB0IBCi
  • @Nina_Asakura Oye ya se tardó! Que lo saque ya! Y que no sea atreva a hacer algo como TSoD o...💀💀💀
  • Secret’s out…it’s just a matter of time now. http://t.co/v0i9ruyUEG
  • Anything Goes
  • @covamaac Jajaja. Aüas~~
  • @covamaac Oh noes. D’: Muéstrale a Gus la T en el monitor y a ver si así se le ocurre un plan de escape!
  • @covamaac There you go!! http://t.co/XKqmWqNzxX Ya en serio, sigues ahí ahorita? o.OU
  • @daveybadiuk Thumbs up for your FROOT cover pic. 👍 Freaking love that song! 👌
  • Before the fire We discovered desire
  • Naked as the day we were born Did you know it could feel like this? Feel like this? https://t.co/G6mZDLN0K1
  • WATCH out: 11/7/2014
  • 4 AM and I R so happys like you know like :)) #gnightplzk
  • Oh gurl I missed this so bad!!! 👏😁❤️
  • For some reason, I’m getting many hits from Brazil on my website. Dunno why, but you’re all welcome to visit it. :)
  • Baby don't, baby don't Baby don't lie I don't wanna cry no longer
  • @covamaac Me too, buddy! Won't forget! (Running with a suit and tie moving with air) 🏃