• Feeling the reminisce Gone in an instance Blink of an eye No goodbye I had a notion Deep as the… https://t.co/DNurT9BUYD
  • I can follow all your commands But there will be no talk of adding you to my plan I'll keep you… https://t.co/yrkS8shVYA
  • Let me Cover your Shit in glitter I can make it Gold https://t.co/2NTTHcHmtd
  • You're a heavenly creature With a real dark agenda You can turn a believer Into a damn dirty sinner https://t.co/mqoLZGsSlA
  • One Hail Mary for the hole in my heart I'm outside waiting for your love on the boulevard https://t.co/VYvHl1dKsb
  • X Your Self https://t.co/Uq32AFwaGF
  • X Self https://t.co/Uq32AFwaGF
  • Very excited to see some of my shots in the new @iamjojo ft. @wizkhalifa "Fuck Apologies" music… https://t.co/tPq9FcMWAU
  • You’re the one I wanna change, I wanna correct my brain
  • Avoiding the boy(d) https://t.co/FcCWvzwlSi
  • It was my pleasure! You guys are amazing. Congrats on the video!! So happy it's out! :) https://t.co/elJc3rUvvD
  • Thrilled to share the video I edited for @iconforhire's "Supposed To Be" with my amazing and… https://t.co/JpOzverGWs
  • Going riding, riding, riding from me–
  • In a cloud of mania I had a sense of Eureka Lava, it was like lava, Running through my body… https://t.co/32MKysPxAJ
  • Stoked to share with you the video I produced for @holychild and rac for “Power Play” with my… https://t.co/4dXuv7UJgx
  • Stoked to share with you the video I produced for @holychild and rac for “Power Play” with my… https://t.co/u27ELNDKzn
  • Lena Katina’s “No Voy A Olvidarte” from her Spanish album, written by one of my best and dearest… https://t.co/Mvy43SCLV2
  • Great times with the squad https://t.co/vqo7KDpn3Q
  • "Just another day at the office" https://t.co/i42olIvriL
  • Flex, time to impress Come and climb on my main Don't be shy do your thing It's all in my head https://t.co/foEiyf4nhT