• All you need is a real good friend And if you got more than one, You're more than blessed
  • The secret to any kind of success in life can be condensed into one beautiful word: HUSTLE.
  • @johnvandel Sabes que sí amiko!
  • Trust your gut It’s all you’ve got
  • @alliex I got your call, hunty. So who’s featured on “Casanova"? PS call me anytime. xo
  • An Angel Dies, a Star is Born
  • @UBlog OMG no! Why!? uBLOG @ I'VE BEEN READING YOU FOR MORE THAT TEN YEARS. Gonna miss you. Why are you leaving? You are the best.
  • Check my watch I had the future in my pocket But I lost it when I gave it to you
  • RT @JosephKahn: No matter how many people mock you, talent and hard work fucking wins. The end.
  • ‘Cause your x is equal to my y But equations pass me by
  • C’mon let’s get SICKENING
  • @alliex Absofuckinglutely
  • @JetBlue Thank you. DMing you in a bit.
  • @JetBlue I'm boarding on 623 after 8+ of delay from JFK to LAX. What do I need to do to get my compensation for the delay?
  • I called it at the taping and calling it now again: Bad Romance 2017 #DragRace
  • @daveybadiuk Right? Have had it stuck for weeks. Love it.
  • Be nice to yourself. Every morning, when I wake up, I'm gonna say to myself: "I'm just gonna be snatch to myself"
  • Oh, I cry Until I just dissolve Come on watch my heart turn to pulp like paper Paper Paper Love
  • Some people never understand the way we live but we're living life
  • The fruits of the documentary I directed have come so far! Very proud to share the release of… https://t.co/Fbf5Et0Qcs